The Cathedral

Together with St. Aegidien, St. Jakobi, St. Marien and St. Petri, the cathedral forms the ensemble of the seven towers of Lübeck's old town.

The cathedral quarter is an oasis on the southern edge of the old town with green spaces and the adjacent mill pond.

The cathedral is the old Episcopal Church of Lübeck and today the place of sermons of the Bishop of the North Church Kristina Kühnbaum-Schmidt and the Bishop of the Holstein-Lübeck district Kirsten Fehrs.

As a place of silence it invites to contemplation, under the Triumphal Cross by Bernt Notke or at the Altar of Lights. The triumphal cross, the rood screen, the side altars, Marian figures and other art treasures attract many visitors.

The musical life at the cathedral is also rich and varied. Organ sounds from the Marcussen organ or the Italian Baroque organ, choirs and a singing congregation fill the imposing sound space.

Many people gather for the various services at the cathedral. All who come are the congregation.
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